Insight: Profit Bonanza Eludes Companies Chasing Obesity Business

An overweight woman sits on a chair in Times Square in New York, May 8, 2012. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Last month, the company said that despite progress on cost-cutting, it expected full-year revenue to fall at a low double-digit percentage rate if recruitment trends failed to improve. Weight Watchers is battling a declining membership base, growing membership at rivals, and the rise of cheap or free smartphone applications and activity monitors such as MyFitnessPal and the Jawbone UP wristband. There are nearly 2,000 weight-loss apps now available on the iPhone, and Berlin-based market research firm research2guidance estimates that by 2015, 500 million people will be using mobile health applications which cost much less than the packaged meal plans sold by Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and Medifast that usually cost hundreds of dollars a month in up-front purchases. Analysts say the lion’s share of the world’s dieters use a “do-it-yourself” approach. “Broccoli and lettuce are good competition for weight-loss shakes,” said Imperial Capital analyst Mitchell Pinheiro.
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“Yo-yo dieting” not tied to early death: study

For men, the corresponding numbers were 29 percent and 26 percent. But as it turned out, participants whose weight cycled the most were also more likely to be heavy 10 years prior to the start of the study, which could raise their risk of death. When the researchers accounted for that, as well as health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and smoking, the gaps in death rates disappeared. “Our study shows that the act of weight cycling itself does not increase your risk of premature death,” Victoria Stevens of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta told Reuters Health. Her findings are published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.
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Beyonce’s Bootylicious Dieting Secrets Revealed

In a new article from New York magazines The Cut, Rebecca Harrington chronicles her 10-day experience doing Beyonces dieting regimens. Beyonce Duets with Blind Fan in Australia Harrington lost a whopping 10 pounds in 10 days, starting with the master cleanse, a liquid-only diet made up of drinking lemonade made of cayenne pepper, lemons and grade B maple syrup nine times a day. Beyonce resuscitated that diet to lose 20 pounds for Dreamgirls, Harrington, who followed the strict diet regimen drinking the concoction nine times a day, told ABC News. Day four of the diet is the cheat day. Beyonce has a cheat day every week where she eats a lot of different things, said Harrington. She says her favorite things are pizza and wine. A cheat meal here or there will give you more incentive to be able to eat well for the long haul, personal trainer and best-selling fitness and diet author Harley Pasternak explained. Beyonce Talks Career, Family, New Movie and Shock Over Reaction to Cuba Trip After the cleanse comes the reintroduction of real food with the post-pregnancy diet, where you begin the day with egg whites for breakfast, have turkey slices with capers for lunch, cucumbers with vinegar and lemon for a snack and sushi for dinner.
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